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Orders must be placed 3 business days in advance for up to 20 people. Pick up only.

Qty Sandwich Selections
Turkey and Provolone, $5.29 ea
Ham and Swiss, $5.29 ea
The Hippie Chick, $4.89 ea
Tuna Salad, $4.29 ea
Chicken Salad, $3.29 ea
Egg Salad, $3.79 ea
Qty Side Selections
Fresh Fruit Salad, $1.40 ea
Cape Cod Chips, $1.29 ea
Reduced Fat Cape Cod Chips, $1.29 ea
Pretzels, $ .99 ea



Assortment of Cookies
May include chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, carnival, sugar and snickerdoodle. $6.00/dozen.


Pick up time at Leaky Beaker.


Special requests: