We know you are interested in good health and we are too. Your dining centers offer daily healthy features and lighter alternatives including dishes highlighting seasonal fruits and vegetables, vegan ancient grains, homemade soups, crisp flatbreads, and simply prepared meals using sustainable and humanely raised meats and locally sourced fresh fish. Providing wellness selections is simply a part of our commitment!





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What to Do If You Have a Food Allergy

Students with special requests due to a food allergy are strongly encouraged to make Wellesley College and Wellesley Fresh aware of these needs as early as possible. The following procedure is recommended:

2. The student will meet with the dietitian and Chef Manager of their dining hall of choice to learn how to safely navigate the dining halls and discuss appropriate dining options.

3. The student is responsible for communicating any questions or concerns to the Chef Managers or dining supervisors in the dining facilities.


Medical Disclaimer

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