Flex Dollars & Dining Point Options

Points/ Flex

All resident students are required to be on the meal plan, which includes meals served in our residence dining halls (Tower, Bates, Stone Davis, Pomeroy and Bae Pao Lu Campus Center). The meal plan is inclusive of continuous dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner meal periods. In addition each student's OneCard, (Wellesley ID), comes with $50.00 worth of flex dollars. Additional points may be purchased and added to the OneCard.

FLEX DOLLARS: The meal plan includes $50 worth of flex dollars each semester that may be used for purchases in the Emporium and Bae Pao Lu. Flex dollars are not accepted at the Science Center and Collins Cafe. Flex dollars should be used within the academic year and do not carry over from one academic year to the next. For example, flex dollars for the fall 2011/Spring 2012 academic year does not carry over to Fall 2012/Spring 2013.

**POINTS: Points are not included in the student meal plan and can be purchased and added to a student's OneCard. Points may be used at the Emporium, Leaky Beaker, Bae Pao Lu, Collins Café and the Wellesley College Club to purchase items that are not part of the continuous dining program in the dining halls. Points may also be used to pay for guest meals in the dining hall of Bae Pao Lu if all guest meals have been used. To use your points, please present your OneCard at point of purchase. Points can be purchased at the Emporium, Leaky Beaker, Bae Pao Lu, the CBORD Machine on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center and the Collins Café. Cash, credit card and foapal numbers are accepted for the purchase of points.

Not On campus? Contact Ann Madzar at amadzar@wellesley.edu or 781-283-2297 to add points to your students OneCard!

***Special Offer: For every $50 worth of points purchased receive an additional 10%.